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Romance in an hour! A group of writer friends wanted to pen short romances perfect for lunch time, waiting rooms, or between soccer games. They invited more friends to join them, and Lunch Hour Love Stories was born. The chefs are constantly cooking up brand new dishes! Bon appétit!

Recent Stories

Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep by Victoria Alexander

Katherine Bedford has had what, to most observers, seems an extraordinary life full of success and achievement and wealth. But looking back, the elderly woman sees only a life shallow and empty and alone. All because of one decision that changed everything forever. One mistake she has regretted for more than half a century. Now, all she wants is the present she turned down decades ago, a gift from Santa offered with a hint of magic on a snowy Christmas Eve. All she wants is a second chance and the keeping of promises made a lifetime ago. Read more
Twice Blessed

Twice Blessed by Rebecca Hagan Lee

Can a ‘marriage of convenience’ ever blossom into true love? Prim and proper Lydia Turner believes she has no choice but to sell her father’s beloved drugstore and make a new life for herself far away from the idyllic Texas town of Eden Point. But when the drug store’s buyer turns out to be a handsome young doctor with a little boy in tow, Lydia succumbs to the temptation to linger in Eden Point for a few more weeks. Major Thomas Sullivan and his son are looking for a safe haven where they can heal from the heartbreak of war. Although Lydia vows to protect her own heart, she soon finds herself falling for the wary little boy…and his irresistible father… Read more
Dog Heart

Dog Heart by Barbara O’Neal / Barbara Samuel

Marcus Stone was the love of dog whisperer Jessie’s life—until he broke her heart by joining the SEALS. She vowed she’d never speak to him again. And she hasn’t. Until he shows up with Staff Sergeant Thor, a German shepherd who had been injured in the same battle in which his handler—Marcus’s best friend-- was killed. Thor has a bad case of PTSD, and Marcus knows only Jessie can save the dog. But can Jessie bear the close contact with the man who broke her heart? And can even she heal a dog so desperately wounded? A tale of trust, second chances and respecting people for who they are. Read more
The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid by Julia London

A hot, new contemporary romance novella from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia London. In a twist on Planes, Trains and Automobiles, two strangers—Kate's en route to be a bridesmaid, Joe's en route to a life-altering job interview—battle a storm, a transportation strike, and each other in a cross-country race to make it to the wedding on time. Read more
Melting Ice

Melting Ice by Stephanie Laurens

1822. After years of adventuring in exotic India, wealthy rakehell Lord Dyan St. Laurent Dare has been forced to return to England and assume the title of the 4th Duke of Darke, along with the attendant responsibilities, chief of which is to marry and produce an heir. Read more
Highland Song

Highland Song by Tanya Anne Crosby

Gavin Mac Brodie fears the thought of becoming the man his father was. Driven into solitude by visions of what he would not be and could not have, he vows never to wed. But this last of the available Brodie men is about to encounter a wee bit of Highland magic... Read more
Mischief & Mistletoe

Mischief & Mistletoe by Tanya Anne Crosby

Suspecting he can never be the man Emma Peters wishes him to be, Lucien Morgen, the fifth duke of Willyngham, decides to break off their long-standing engagement... only to discover the innocent fiancé he set aside for years has unexpectedly blossomed into a passionate, irresistible woman. Read more
Return Engagement

Return Engagement by Stephanie Laurens

Lady Cornelia Daughtry has her hands full getting her sister safely married to the Prince of Lautenberg. And things aren't made easier when she discovers she's paired with the prince’s chief diplomatic advisor and long-time friend, Robert Knightley…her would-be husband who walked away. Read more
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